Course curriculum

  • 1

    New Chapter

    • Copy of Lesson 1 Exposure and Risk

    • Copy of Lesson 2 Risk Management

    • Copy of Lesson 3 The Law of Large Numbers and the process of transferring risk

    • Copy of Lesson 4 Adverse Selection and rating factors

    • Copy of Lesson 5 Group Underwriting

    • Copy of Lesson 6 How groups avoid adverse selection and why do insurers love group insurance

    • Copy of Lesson 7 Different types of insurers and rating services

    • Copy of Lesson 8 Producer and different types of authority

    • Copy of Lesson 9 Contract law Offer-Premium

    • Copy of Lesson 10 Application for Life and Health Insurance

    • Copy of Lesson 11 Methods insurance companies use to verify applications

    • Copy of Lesson 12 Methods insurance companies use to verify applications conclusion

    • Copy of Lesson 13 Acceptance and Consideration

    • Copy of Lesson 14 Competent Parties

    • Copy of Lesson 15 Legal Purpose and unique characteristics of insurance contracts

  • 2

    Life Insurance Basics and Policies

    • Copy of Lesson 1 Purpose and use of life insurance and estate creation and conservation

    • Copy of Lesson 2 Business Uses of Life Insurance

    • Copy of Lesson 3 How much Life insurance to buy

    • Copy of Lesson 4 Term vs. Whole life and an intro to Term insurance

    • Copy of Lesson 5 Various types of Term Insurance Level, Level Premium, Decreasing

    • Copy of Lesson 6 Renewable Term

    • Copy of Lesson 7 Convertible Term

    • Copy of Lesson 8 Intro to Whole Life

    • Copy of Lesson 9 Premium Payment for Whole Life

    • Copy of Lesson 10 Graded Premium Whole Life

    • Copy of Lesson 11 Interest Sensitive and Equity Indexed Whole Life

    • Copy of Lesson 12 Adjustable Life

    • Copy of Lesson 13 Universal Life

    • Copy of Lesson 14 Modified Life

  • 3

    Chap 3 Life Insurance Provisions and Riders

    • Copy of Lesson 1 Intro to Required vs. Optional Provisions

    • Copy of Lesson 2 Entire Contract and Incontestability

    • Copy of Lesson 3 Misstatement of Age, Ownership, Right to Examine and Loans

    • Copy of Lesson 4 Assignment, Payment of Premium, Grace Period and Reinstatement

    • Copy of Lesson 5 Time Limit on Defenses, Back Dating, Suicide and Aviation

    • Copy of Lesson 6 Beneficiaries

    • Copy of Lesson 7 Common Disaster and Spendthrift

    • Copy of Lesson 8 Dividend Options

    • Copy of Lesson 9 NON-FORFEITURE OPTIONS

    • Copy of Lesson 10 Settlement Options

    • Copy of Lesson 11 Riders dealing with Disability

    • Copy of Lesson 12 Riders dealing with death benefits, adding on insureds, and accelerated death benefits

  • 4

    Chap 4 Annuities, Qualified Plans and Taxes

    • Copy of Lesson 1 How Annuities Work

    • Copy of Lesson 2 Annuity Basics

    • Copy of Lesson 3 Annuity Adjectives

    • Copy of Lesson 4 The Story of Penny Pincher

    • Copy of Lesson 5 The Uses of Annuities

    • Copy of Lesson 6 IRAS Roth IRAS Rollovers and Transfers

    • Copy of Lesson 7 Taxes

  • 5

    Chap 5 Group Life Insurance

    • Copy of Lesson 1 How Group Insurance Works

    • Copy of Lesson 2 Group Life Insurance Conversion

  • 6

    Chap 6 State Law for Life Insurance

    • Copy of Lesson 1 Guaranty Fund, Rules for Universal, Group Credit Life and Unfair discrimination

    • Copy of Lesson 2 Advertising and Replacement

  • 7

    Chap 7 General State Law

    • Copy of Copy of Lesson 1 Intro to Michigan Insurance State Law

    • Copy of Copy of Lesson 2 Michigan Insurance Law Who can get Licensed

    • Copy of Copy of Lesson 3 Michigan Insurance Law, Appointments, Cancellations, Notifications and Continuing Education

    • Copy of Copy of Lesson 4 Michigan Insurance Law General Laws

    • Copy of Copy of Lesson 5 Michigan Insurance Law Uniform Trade Practices Act

    • Copy of Copy of Lesson 6 Michigan Insurance Law Crime and Punishment

  • 8

    Chap 8 The Basics of Accident and Health Insurance

    • The basics of health and the difference between an accident and an occurrence

  • 9

    Chap 9 Medical Expense Insurance

    • The Basics of Medical Expense

    • Base Plans, Scheduled Plans and Major Medical

    • Medical Expense Polices Benefits and Exclusions

    • How do you pay a Medical Expense Claim

    • Medical Expense Distribution Systems

  • 10

    Chap 10 Disability Income

    • The Basics of Disability Income

    • Setting Benefit Limits

    • The Defining Disability

    • Coordinating with Worker's Comp, Elimination Periods, Partial Disability and Residual Disability

    • Waiver of Premium, Return of Premium and Income Replacement Contracts, Exclusions and finally Short term vs Long Term

    • Business Uses of Disability Income

  • 11

    Chap 11 Medicare, Medicaid and Long Term Care Insurance.

    • Medicare Intro and Part A

    • Medicare Part B, Part C and Part D Plus Medicaid

    • Medicare Supplements

    • Long Term Care

    • Long Term Care Conclusion

  • 12

    Chap 12 Health Provisions

    • Health Provisions: Entire Contract, Incontestable, Grace Period, Reinstatement and Claims

    • Payment of Claims, Physical Examines, Legal Action Against the Insurer, Free Look, Change of Occupation, Misstatement of Age, Other Insurance, Unpaid Premium, Compliance with State Law and Illegal occupation

    • Renewal Provisions

  • 13

    Chap 13 Group Health

    • The Basics of Group Insurance

    • Coordination of Benefits, Change of Insurer and Extension of Benefits

    • Small Group Statute, HIPAA and COBRA

    • Worker's Comp

  • 14

    Chap 14 Limited Health Policies, Dental and Taxes

    • Limited Health Policies

    • Dental

    • Taxes